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John R. Weigel Scholarship
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    The New Jersey Land Title Association offers the John R. Weigel Scholarship Award, named in honor of its Director Emeritus who served the title insurance industry for over 20 years with great distinction.  The Board of Governors of the Association has established an $8,000 scholarship for the benefit of a qualified candidate for higher education arising out of a title insurance industry connection.  The $8,000 scholarship is payable over a four-year period at the rate of $1,000 semi - annually, and will be awarded to the best applicant, taking into account academic achievement, extracurricular activities, public service experience and other factors.  Eligibility for this scholarship is limited to those persons with a minimum of three (3) years experience in the title industry currently working in the New Jersey title industry for an employer who is either an Active Member or Agency Member of the Association.  Also eligible besides the title industry employee are the spouse and children of the qualifying employee.  The employee must satisfy the eligibility requirements not only at the time of the scholarship application, but also through the time that the award is announced, expected to be around April 1, of each year.  Applications for the scholarship may be obtained by contacting the office of the Association at Monmouth Executive Center, 100 Willow Brook Road, Suite 100, Freehold, NJ 07728.

The Association’s telephone number is (732) 683-9660.

Scholarship Winners

1998 Katherine A. Ramler

1999 Theresa E. Hayes

2000 Elliot L. Fineberg

2001 John T. Wenzel

2002 Kathryn A. Cannito

2003 Lauren J. Usignol

2004 Alexander I.  Fineberg

2005 Pamela L. Kubinsky

2006 Danielle L. Panccione

2007 Kyle S. Wilson

2008 Michael G. Ham

2009 Brielle Grabas

2010 Kacie Baker

2011 Alexis DeCarvalho

2012 Samantha Huddleston

2013 Andrew Martini

2014 Michael Kaspar

2015 Rachel H. Swope

2016 Giulia Gargano

    2017  Katherine Scott

    2018  Francesca Grace Menard

    2019  Hailey Carroll

    2020  Shannon Dobres


The NJLTA is also excited to announce the MARILYN A. HENSHAW SCHOLARSHIP AWARD which will award an incoming college freshman a one-time award of $2,500.00 for a single year of higher education.  Marilyn A. Henshaw, who before her retirement was a principal of Property Title Group, an Association member.

Marilyn participated in Association activity as an Agency Section Management Board member, culminating in her service as Chair of the Board in 2014-2015, and then served on the Executive Board for the Board of Governors of the NJLTA for three years before she retired at the end of 2018.

Those students submitting applications for the Weigel Scholarship will be also eligible for the Henshaw Scholarship.  No other application need be completed.  The recipient of Henshaw Scholarship will be someone other than the recipient of the Weigel Scholarship award.

  Scholarship Winners:

  2020   Gabriella Barbarisi







The New Jersey Land Title Association (hereafter called the “NJLTA”) established an $8,000.00 scholarship for the benefit of a qualified candidate from the title insurance industry for higher education.  The NJLTA honors and recognizes its Director Emeritus, John R. Weigel, for his long service to the title insurance industry and his own professional accomplishments by denominating the award the John R. Weigel Scholarship Award.

1.     ELIGIBILITY: The pool of eligible candidates is comprised of all persons who are both currently working in the title industry for an employer licensed by the State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance as either a title insurance company or a title insurance agent, and who have worked for any NJLTA member for at least thirty (30) of the thirty-six (36) months immediately preceding the filing of the student candidate’s application.  “Persons” include not only the employee himself/herself, but also the employee’s spouse and children (including natural, adopted and step) provided the Scholarship applicant is domiciled in New Jersey or attending a New Jersey high school at the time the application is filed, and will be entering a college or university as a matriculating freshman.  Excluded from eligibility are the family members of any Review Committee participant.  The current employer of the title industry employee must have been a member of the NJLTA for the two (2) fiscal years immediately preceding the year in which the student candidate applies must be a member in good standing at the time of the award.

2.     AMOUNT: The scholarship is in the amount of $8,000.00, spread over a 4-year period at the rate of $2,000.00 annually, payable directly to the college in $1,000.00 installments at the commencement of each semester (assuming the common academic schedule of 2 semesters a year).

3.     CRITERIA: The Review Committee shall recommend to the Board of Governors the best candidate from the year’s applicants, taking into account several factors including but not limited to academic achievement (such as grade point average (GPA) and college board scores (SATs)), graduation from an accredited high school or an acceptable alternative, extracurricular activities, public service experience, letters of recommendation and other worthwhile considerations.

4.     DESTINATION: The scholarship award is designed for undergraduate education at any 4-year institution in or out of New Jersey accredited by a recognized academic authority.

5.     PROOF OF PERFORMANCE: Continuing eligibility requirements include:

(a) That the student be required to produce a certified copy of the preceding semester grades as a precondition to the payment of the next semester’s $1,000.00 installment;


(b) That the student maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA on an annual basis in order to remain vested for future payments, unless the Review Committee is satisfied that the student shows sufficient promise despite a mediocre freshman year performance to merit additional payments for the sophomore year (akin to a “probation” period);

(c) That an acceptable minimum course load is 12 credit hours per semester, provided that the student is never more that 6 credit hours behind the accumulated credit hours that a full-time, full-load student would have for the same time period; and

(d) That the student’s continuing entitlement to the periodic payments be contingent upon the student’s avoidance of criminal activity or other behavior which the Board of Governors would consider in its unfettered discretion to be distasteful or unsavory.

6.     RESERVATION of DISCRETION: The NJLTA expressly reserves the right to amend these Rules and Guidelines at any time, and to limit, narrow, or discontinue the scholarship program at any time without notice.  This scholarship program is entirely voluntary and discretionary on the part of the NJLTA, and no applicant shall be entitled to any rights or to claim any reliance on the scholarship program unless the applicant is awarded by and duly accepts the John R. Weigel Scholarship from the NJLTA.


Download the John R. Weigel Scholarship Application with the link below: