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Honorary Members
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Honorary membership is bestowed upon individuals by the Board of Governors based upon their distinguished and meritorious service to this Association or to the field of land title evidencing.

They are listed alphabetically below, shoulder to shoulder, with the best and brightest of our industry, with our grateful recognition and thanks.


Axelrod, Gerald A.

Barrett, Wibur A.

Bell, Lydia CTP

Borroughs, Richard

Clayton, Joseph M.

Donohugh, Harold CTP

Egan, Jr., James J.

Eler, John D.

Gebhardt, Charles A.
Grant, Michael CTP

Hartman, Elnora M. 

Harvey, Charles J.

Henshaw, Marilyn

Jones, Donald B.

Kehoe, Patrick J.

Kiernan, John A.

Lasky, George J.

Lasseter, H. David

Lewellen, Joseph E. 

Lombardo, James V.

Loughnane, William J.

Lyons, John F. 

Maloney, Denis W.

McAuliffe, Jr., William J.

McDermitt, John H

McDonough, Frank J.

Melchior, Frank CTP

Newman, Lorraine

Nolen, Jr., John W.

Parvin, Herbert

Piche, George W.

Petrucci, Joseph CTP

Rafferty, Thomas J.

Rossetti, Leonard R. CTP

Santosuosso, Joseph CTP

Schreiber, Margaret

Shumake, W. Morgan

Silver, Maurice A. 

Spagnola, Samuel J.

Sprouls, Walter A.

Stickel, George A. CTP

Tobin, Edward A. 

Tomanelli, Mary Ann

Usignol, Laurence J. CTP

Weigel, John R.

Westermaier, F. Victor

Whitaker, Eugene J.

Woodward, A. Lyndon

Woodward, William H.